giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

Asset Data gets into the Romulus consortium

Asset Data gets into the Romulus consortium. Romulus is a project partially financed by European Commission. Its main goal is about research on novel methods for increasing productivity and reliability of web software development, in particularly, focused on Java web development.

Romulus Project is based on two Open Source products:
  • Roma Meta Framework, a framework for rapid development following the DDD approach and mantaining the business model aseptic by the technology
  • Liferay Portal Server leader of Java Portal Server of Enterprise sizes.
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Asset Data entra a far parte del consorzio Romulus

Asset Data entra a far parte del consorzio Romulus. Romulus e' un progetto finanziato in parte dalla Comunita' Europea e ha come obiettivo la ricerca di nuovi metodi per incrementare la produttivita' e affidabilita' dello sviluppo software in Java per il Web.

Romulus Project e' basato su due prodotti Open Source:
  • Roma Meta Framework, un framework per lo sviluppo rapido seguendo l'approccio DDD e mantenendo asettico il business model dalla tecnologia.
  • Liferay Portal Server, leader dei Portal Server in Java di dimensioni Enterprise.
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